Gloria Montoya's Older Sister Speaks Out

Katie Crosbie spoke with Gloria Montoya's older sister, Veronica, today.
    Veronica says this possible settlement doesn't bring the family much peace ... because nothing can bring back her sister or her cousin, Yeni.

It's the way the Montoya sisters are used to celebrating birthdays ... Dad singing & playing guitar ... friends and family gathered together ... someone shooting video on a cell phone.  But this 14th birthday party on January 5th had the heart-wrenching backdrop of a cemetery ... Gloria Montoya's final resting place.

"I try to imagine what it would be like if I was in your situation, & I can't. Because it's like a worst nightmare." "Yeah. Something you don't ever wake up from."

June 30th, 2011 ... forever imprinted in so many minds.  Thirteen-year-old Gloria and her 18-year-old cousin, Yeni Lopez -- together, as usual.

15:31:24 "they had the same personality. They got along with everyone, they were always laughing always joking."

Smiling and laughing one moment --

"When you talk to them -- what, five, ten minutes earlier prior to when it happened, & then you just get the call like, 'She's gone,' it's -- it's something -- not easy to accept."

For Gloria's sisters, Veronica & Juana -- so close -- & their extended family -- it's been more than six months of heartache.

"You don't even look forward to Christmas or New Year's or Thanksgiving when you lose someone so close. You - you actually fear that day to come. That's what we did. I guess ... It's just a part of life."

Veronica says her family is not bitter.

"I mean, a lot of people, I guess, hate him for what he did, but in our family - my father, I guess, raised us well to where - he didn't raise us to hate anyone.  Or ... have a grudge against anything. He's - we forgave him from the day it happened. That's the way my dad taught us - I mean, we're nobody to judge another human being. And that's always gonna be us ... right? I mean, it hurts, yeah, because ... He just snatched a baby from us. She was the ... She was our ... Everything in our family. Not just our baby. She was just ... the happiness.... our house now is so quiet."

And Veronica Montoya says despite her family's forgiveness ... they still want justice.

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