Grab a Tissue, Allergy Season is Here

In Texoma, Spring has sprung. Trees are blooming, grass is growing, and allergy sufferers are suffering.

Dr. Joe Mendoza, Emergency Services Director, Kell West Regional Hospital: People come in all the time, complaining they have itchy scratchy throat, they think they have strep. They have watery eyes, itchy eyes, runny nose. Truth of the matter is we do a bunch of tests and it turns out to just be allergies.

Experts say the number of people who are miserable from seasonal allergies is on the rise and the best thing you can do to fight back, treat your your symptoms early.

Ginger Pino, Pharmacist at Harvest Drug & Gift: Thankfully, over the last few years a lot of the prescription strength allergy medications have actually gone over the counter. So that's been a huge help for patients.

If your symptoms include congestion, you'll have to ask the pharmacist for special de-congestive medicine which is usually kept behind the counter.

With all the different allergy medications on the market, most patients are sure to find something to relieve their symptoms. For those looking for more of a homeopathic approach to allergy relief, one of the best is also one of the oldest.

Pino: We saw an influx of the netty pots and nasal rinses last year when they were on Doctor Oz and Oprah, but the truth is, they actually work. They don't have a lot of science behind them, but they help clear your nasal passages and clear some of that congestion out.

Regardless of what medicine you decide to use to stop your nose from running, your eyes from watering and you from being miserable, experts say read the instructions. Over medication is nothing to sneeze at.

Dr. Mendoza: People think if a tablet works every 12 hours, it should work better every 4-6 hours. Same thing with nasal decongestants. The nasal sprays are notorious for causing allergic reactions to people.

Other helpful advice is take a shower before you go to bed, that way you'll wash off all the pollen on your body. Also wash your sheets once a week, and change the filter in your A/C at least twice a month.

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