Graham High Schools Top Students are Twins!

Walking across the stage to accept a high school diploma is an accomplishment that's 12 years in the making.

But only two students  can claim the top two academic achievements  of Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Very few parents can lay claim to  having the honor bestowed on more than one child in different years and even fewer can brag about having the top two students the same year.

This year the Graham High School Valedictorian and Salutatorian have the same last name and if you attend the graduation ceremonies you may have difficulty spotting them.

You may think you're looking at the valedictorian when its actually the salutatorian, or vice versa.

Extend your congratulations to this year's Graham High School Valedictorian.    

While your at it congratulate the Salutatorian, just make sure you have the right one.
No need to blink twice, you really are seeing double.

Graham High Valedictorian and Salutatorian and identical twins Jake and Janson Graham.

The two star students say they have always strived to do their best in academics while juggling several extracurricular activities.

We have each other to study with and we make each other better we push each other to be better.

Valedictorian, Jake, has played varsity basketball and track all four years and the school's No. 2 scholar Janson earned all district honors in football and basketball.

Both say it all comes down to time management.

Solutatorian Janson Graham says, "We have always been good at managing our time getting stuff done not procrastinating".

"I've tried to take the more challenging courses my sophomore year we started the project lead the way course so i did that and I doubled on it this year so I can finish the course," said Valedictorian Jake Graham.

Mom Debra Graham credits the boys success to their double dose of motivation. 

"Allot of times when it wasn't the fun thing to be at home doing their homework they were out getting their business done", said Debra Graham.

And that will pay off in the future as these two plan on tackling some pretty difficult majors when they attend Texas Tech in the fall.

Jake plans on majoring in Computer Engineering.

His brother says he's taking the route that's required the most study in high school.

"Chemistry, I'm going to major in chemical engineering. I love chemistry because of how challenging it is and the different concepts behind it", said Janson Graham.

But if you think the boys have been in constant competition think twice.

"We compete in athletics and almost everything else but school in academics its a group effort We just try and make each other better and smarter", said Janson.

And for those students who want to follow in their footsteps.

"The key to success is being yourself don't let society pressure you to being something you're not. When you're yourself everything just falls in line", said Jake Janson.

"Don't afraid to take the hard courses because in the long run its going to be worth it", added Jake Janson.

Graduation for Graham High School is May 31st.

And if you think identical twin Valedictorian and Salutatorian is a once in a lifetime occurrence believe it or not there is another set of identical top scholars in Texoma.

Archer City High schools top students are also identical twins Jacey and Janah Brooks so congratulations to those girls as well.

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