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The Wichita Falls Gun and Knife show has plenty to offer gun lovers, which is good, because this year there's a lot of them.

"Being an election year, we tend to have a little up-tick in attendance at these gun shows," said Greg Wilson, Spokesperson for the Wichita Falls Gun and Knife Show.

This weekend's show the last gun show at the MPEC before the November elections, and show organizers said that may be one reason why it was a seller's market.

"Obviously in a political season, you get more verbage from the political candidates about different issues that are out there and it'll tend to peak interest," explained Wilson.

Of course the election probably wasn't the only factor.

"It seems like to me, there's a lot of people carrying new guns out of here," said Warren Reid, a vendor at the show, "Of course we're coming right up on deer season, and a lot of people are buying guns for the deer season. So that may be a factor."

"I'm always in the market to buy," said Anthony Keinlen, who came from Byers to support the show and help educate his kids about firearms.

"I don't want them to be afraid of [guns]," said Kienlen, "I want them to respect [guns], so we try and get exposure that way."

So while some said the crowds flock to gun shows for political reasons, others for educational purposes, at this weekend's show organizers could at least say what isn't motivating people to come.

"No zombie attacks, no Mayan calender," said Wilson, "so I think we're in pretty good shape there."

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