Gusting Wind

Gusting winds, high water, and pouring rain kept rescue workers busy in clay county.
  A major accident on 17-40 by Charlie sent one person to the hospital, and first responders had to help a motorist stranded in high water on spur 510 in Henrietta.
   And another woman went to the hospital after an accident involving her parked semi.
   It happened just south of Henrietta, at the roadside park.
    A trucker who had been sleeping in her 18 wheeler got a rude awakening when high winds struck.
   Alan Gomez
Truck Driver
   "I was in my cab & I was in my sleeper, & all of a sudden I heard this loud rumbling sound, like a train. And the wind started picking up, & the next thing you know, the truck - the Werner truck - just flipped over on the side & hit - kind of the side of my truck ... next thing you know, boom."
   Alan Gomez was relieved to see his semi had only slight damage.  He rushed to check on the  driver of the other truck.
   "I banged on her windshield, & she was still conscious & yelling, 'Help! Help! Help!'"
  Firefighters had to cut the driver out of the cab to rescue her and take her to the hospital.
   "It was crazy cause she had fallen into her closet from her sleeper. I don't know how she fell into her closet, but she was stuck inside her closet. And she says she couldn't breathe - she was in & out of consciousness."
  Tow truck owner Jody Wade says he's seen 18-wheelers tipped over before ... But only when they're empty -- weighing about 30- thousand pounds.  He says this semi is full -- weighing in at 80-thousand pounds. So you can imagine just how strong those wind gusts must have been.
   Cpl. Patrick Timms
Department of Public Safety
   "With this weather being like it is lately, we've had a lot of crazy stuff go on."
   Once the driver was rescued the next step for recovery workers was to get the  rig upright ...  A task made even more difficult  because of  the pounding rain, the semi's weight, and the slick pavement. 
   Jody Wade
Owner, Big Daddy's Towing & Recovery
   "The biggest key to that is trying to prevent more damage to the truck, being that they're so expensive, & to the cargo -- we definitely want to save that cargo load."
   And then ... with a mighty heave ... The crews flipped the semi rightside up.  And for emergency responders, wrecker workers, and truck drivers --
   "Close call, & it's back to work."
    No word yet on the conditions of the victims from today's weather- related accidents.

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