Herschel Walker Encourages Wounded Soldiers

    Former Heisman trophy winner, three-time all-American, and Dallas Cowboys player Herschel Walker paid a special visit to fort sill today, to visit some wounded soldiers in the Warrior Transition Unit.
    Herschel Walker spoke candidly with the soldiers about some of the challenges he's faced.
    Of course, in this part of the country, we know walker well as a cowboy ... I have to point out that he was also a Viking ... an Eagle, and a Giant.
    Herschel walker used a good dose of humor in a heartfelt speech.
    "This is the least i can do, to come out here & thank them. First of all, for what they do for me, for giving me freedom. There's a price for freedom, & they give me an opportunity. Second of all, the things they have to do. I wanna just tell em, 'Guys, there's a light out there.' I want to let em know that I'm in their corner. That I'm here to fight for them, fight with them."
    The football legend's words resonated with the wounded warriors.
   Spc. Michael McVeigh
Warrior Transition Unit
   "A lot of these soldiers are going through the same tough time. And just to see how he picked up himself, & maybe that's something you can probably do yourself."
   SSgt. Timmie Wilkins
Warrior Transition Unit
   "They're going to walk away with a positive outlook on things. You know, if I put my best foot forward, good things will happen."
   "For me, I'm a little embarrassed, because I say it all the time: What I play is a game. And it's just a game. For entertainment. What they do is for real life."
   Walker spoke openly about his "dissociative identity disorder," describing how he's had to come to terms with multiple personalities.
   "My goal is to encourage them & let em know that we all go through challenges, we all fall short of the glory of god."
  He signed autographs, smiled for pictures, and doled out positivity -- saying the military has always been dear to his heart:
   "I think we must reach back to help em -- I think we as a country gotta do a little bit more."
    Herschel Walker says in the last three years, he's visited about 80 posts and bases in the U.S., and 15 throughout the world.
    And by the way, Fort Sill's commanding general -- Major General David Halverson -- has been nominated for a promotion to lieutenant general, and will be moving on to Virginia.

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