Holliday Coach Arrest Update

David Norris was arrested and released on a $1.5 million bond yesterday in Archer City. He's charged with  sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child and improper relationsip with
a student. According to the arrest affidavits we read today,  that relationship began with the girl in the spring  of her junior year, and stopped and resumed several times from then until last month. Police say they obtained texts and a phone calls in which Norris corroborated the victim's version of the incidents.

    Here is a timeline of the alleged relationship  as described in the multi-page affidavit: the victim states it began shen she showed him a picture of herself in a formal gown when she
was 16,  and he told her he'd like to see her with less on. They agreed to meet that evening at the Holliday gym where the first sex act took place. They continued to meet in various places that spring, including the locker room, coaches office,  on county roads and in parking lots, then stopped seeing other during the summer break. When school resumed, the victim says the relationship also resumed and continued  until the spring, when the girl said she told a friend about it, and he convinced her to stop, and even texted Norris to tell him to stop sesing the girl. She said he told her to report it to authorities,  but she said she did not want to  harm the teams chances in the playoffs. Then she said the relationship resumed again in a few weeks until March 5,  when Holliday lost in the playoffs, and that night they had their last contact. The affidavit says authorities received a report on the relationship from a chaperon at a church camp on June 9, after the girl confided with the woman. On June 13, the victim was inteviewed at Patsy's House,  and that evening the victim said she received three texts from Norris. The next day, authorities arranged for the girl's father to call Norris and record it. They say he basically admitted the relationship and apologized. According to the affidavits,  in those texts Norris told the victim he was going to be sent to jail forever, his life would be over and he would do anything.. And that their relationship was mutual and she said it would be ok, and then he apologized. Norris received his emergency teacher permit in 2004 and his teacher certificate for physical education in 2006.  It is currently under review. He has been a softball coach at Holliday four years.

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