Holliday Harvest Food Ministry is Truly Serving the Spirit of Texoma

Imagine having to choose between food and other basic necessities such as rent or your electric bill.  For many folks right here in Texoma that is a daily struggle.

 Pastor Mike Wells and the Holliday Assembly of God Church started the Harvest Food Ministry with one goal- to feed those in need.

 Once a month volunteers have a distribution day and pass out boxes full of food and they say it is not a hand out, but rather a hand up,

 We honor all the volunteers involved with this month's Spirit of Texoma Award.

 Pastor Mike Wells says, "We try not only to give them physical food, we try to encourage them that the lord is who we put our trust in, and we give him back thanks and praise. it's not us, we're not to be lifted up but we lift up what he does.

 When the Harvest Food Ministry began two years ago about 25 families were served each month from a closet.
 The food pantry will soon move in a 3200 sq. ft. facility.  Folks from all the churches in town and community members raised the money to purchase four lots and a good samaritan agreed to fund most of the construction of this building.

 Dee McMahan, who is on the Advisory board, says "We are all coming together and saying, What can we do? in the best interest of those we serve in the community, those who are hungry, who are dealing with the issue of not being able to have enough food on the table everyday."

 Once the massive expansion is complete in February they will be able to help even more people in need.
 Just last month the volunteers fed over 400 people.

McMahan: "If you are on a fixed income or if you have just lost your job and you have rent to pay, utilities to pay or children to feed, two dollars for a can of pork and beans is just almost unheard of."

 People who come to this food pantry get far more than a box full of food.

Wells: "I'm hoping that maybe we can set up where some agencies can come in, maybe like workforce or different ones, every so often. help people learn how they can get a job."

 The Harvest Food Ministry volunteers serve up the Spirit of Texoma and many helpings of hope.

McMahan: "We want to encurage them, if they are having hard times, going through something difficult.  We've certainly been blessed to be able to serve the community."

 Harvest Food Minstry is always in need of food donations and can always use monetary gifts as well.
 They also need volunteers.  If you are interested in helping out call 940-583-1140 or 940-631-8778 for more information on volunteer training.

 Owens and Brumley funeral homes congratulate Pastor Mike Wells and all the folks who help in making this great service possible.

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