Home Slaes Up Unemployment Rate Down

    Business in Wichita Falls has been booming of late...
    As we've reported, several restaurants have opened and more retail and more is on the way soon....
    And as Eddie Randle reports tonight... That's not the only positive economic news these days...

The trend is going positive at this point. We hope it stays that way for foreseeable future, says Bill Scantlin.

    Bill Scantlin with workforce solutions says when it comes to the economy... Wichita Falls is starting to see a silver lining.
    The number of new businesses in town is rising...while the unemployment rate is falling.

Since last month we've gone from 7.1 percent to 6.7 percent here in Wichita Falls which is a pretty significant decline, says Scantlin.
    But another positive trend is taking place-- home sales.
Right now from January to march, we had about 316 residential home sales last year at this time we had about 280.  So, that number is up a little over 10% this year, says Mason McCleskey with Domain Realtors.
We all hope we've turned that magic corner and the economy is slowly improving, Scantlin adds.

    Improvements are coming with the recent opening of several businesses... And *more* are on the way.

I think our numbers will continue to decline with the two companies that are trying to fill the AT&T second floor building, says Scantlin.

I think that's something that can only help the market over time, said McCleskey.

    Those jobs in addition to the upcoming retail and restaurant boom should continue to help the overall health of our local economy.
Eddie Randle... KFDX 3News.

    Wichita--- Clay and Archer Counties make up the Metro Statistical Area or MSA.
According to workforce solutions officials... The jobless rate in that area has dropped from 6.9 percent to 6.4 percent.

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