"Hunger Games" Fans Flock to Theater

If you liked the Harry Potter book series and movies... and if you liked Twilight... Chances are, you might also be gearing up for tonight's premiere of The Hunger Games ...
   These Hunger Games fans are bringing their appetites. They're hungry for a movie as good as the book.
    Tre & Harmony Baham
  "I am stoked. I've been waiting for months for this to come out. The book is so good." "We have an 11-year-old boy sittin' in the truck as well -- he has to read the books before he can come see the movie, so -- he's about midway through the first book right now." "So that's a rule that you guys have?" "Yes -- the motivation for him to read."
    And according to their son, Kade -- this series is motivating plenty of kids to read.
   (Kade Baham): "Oh, yes ma'am. Everyone in our library's trying to fight to get the first, second, & third one." "But you're lucky cause you got it on your Kindle." "Yes, ma'am!"
   "It sounds like a great movie. Like I said, I'm going to be the one who's going to be sitting in the line, waiting for the doors to open." "Oh! How did you get chosen for that task?" "Love." "'Cause I'm the husband. That's my job!" "Oh, the sacrifices!!"
    Hours before showtime, we found people staking out places in line:
   (Courtney Nevil) "We have to get a good seat!! And camping out's the best part. Preparing for the series - it's going to be so fun." "Coloring?" "Coloring, for sure. I'm making a hunger games picture. It's going to be super cute when I'm done. I've already colored a giraffe."
    And of course, the plotline wouldn't be complete without a little romantic rivalry -- in this case, between characters Peeta and Gale.
   (Kayla Sims) "I like Peeta way better than Gale."
   "Ohh, I'm Team Peeta. All the way. Because he loved Katniss from the very beginning!"
    "I just think he loves her. It's like a pure love. It's self-sacrificing love." "Just like your husband." "Yes." "Yes ma'am." "He's my Peeta. And my Gale." "Oh that's terrible!"
   "Enjoy the movie!"
    The Vernon Plaza Theater elected not to pre-sell tickets ...
    Instead, tickets will go on sale at 10:00 for the midnight showing.
   The folks there say if 50 or 75 people show up to the 200-seat theater, they'll consider it a success.

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