Injured Paramedic On the Road to Recovery

Pat Bryan is an amazing man.

He is now confined to a wheelchair but for the first time since last month's crash, he's talking about how the power of positive thinking will one day allow him to walk again.

Forty-seven year old Pat Bryan never thought he wouldn't be able to walk, but that is the card this Archer City paramedic has been dealt and it's all because of this accident last month in Wichita Falls.

Police say a driver did not stop for an ambulance; putting the vehicle on its side and paralyzing this paramedic.

"My diagnosis says that I'm paraplegic, but I've had the benefit of no cord damage so it's possible that I can walk again. Not a great chance, but I've already got some sensation. Some movement," Bryan says.

That movement is thanks to intense therapy on this machine called an Autoambulator.

"It just makes it to be a faster recovery cause we're getting the patient to feel the weight of their legs. You can use the mirror for the biofeedback to the brain so it stimulates them better," says Amanda Belcher, HealthSouth Rehab Technician.

Although Bryan knows his road to recovery will be a long and painful one, he is thankful for one amazing thing.

"Sounds silly. I'm glad this was me. I would have hated for it to have been one of my crew members. I'm the director of service for Archer City Ambulance and I don't have small kids. I don't have children. I'm equipped to deal with this for some reason."

"This isn't the end of my life. This didn't end anything for me. It just changed the rules,"

Despite undergoing therapy six hours a day, five days a week, Bryan is still the director for the Archer City Ambulance Service.

His goal is to walk again and become an active paramedic and with his positive attitude he is well on is way to accomplishing that goal.

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