Jury Finds Swegheimer Guilty on all Counts in Sexual Assault Case

The jury in the Clarence Swegheimer trial began deliberation after hearing the defense and state make their final arguments in his sexual assault and indecency with a child case. 

Swegheimer's public defender told the jury that there were a lot of stories in this case, and usually the truth is somewhere in the middle.

He told them the victim in this case  made some statements several years ago but then 3 years ago, she made new allegations. He said he couldn't believe someone who was abused like this would  not have come forward sooner with what happened to them.

And he asked them if Swegheimer was being dishonest why would he admit to some negative actions such as looking at porn and making a pass at a stepdaughter and not just lie about everything?

The prosecutor told jurors Swegheimer did what pedophiles do, which is "manipulate everyone around them."
And, she asked them to think about his claim that the child porn on his computer just magically appeared.

The prosecutor reminded them about Swegheimer's statement that a girl's breast touched his hand.
And she told jurors that experts say it's common for children to have delayed outcries because of fear.

The prosecutor also asked jurors to to remember what the victim  looked like when she testified how the tears streamed down her face and how she was visibly shaken.

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