Keeping the Riders on the Road

As the Texoma heat wave continues, the 30th Hotter 'N Hell Hundred will certainly be living up to it's name.

That's why Dr. Keith Williamson and his team of medical experts will be on the road as well.

"When you're talking about a field of play that is 160 linear miles, spread out over several counties, we've got a lot of space to cover," said Dr. Williamson, "and 18 tents just does it for us."

There will be a medical tent located ever 10 miles along the route.

Each tent will be manned with at least one doctor, a team of nurses, and will be providing two services.

"One's just a rest stop where you get handed a bananna, some powerade, a pat on the back and a cold towel," explained Williamson, "but they're looking at you as well to see if you need to go next door to the medical tent."

The medical teams will be looking for things like trauma's from collisions, cramps, and dehydration.

Also, as strange as it may sound, Williamson said they'll also be keeping an eye out for people who are drinking too much water, which can lead to water toxicity.

"Their sodium is so low, that their brain swells, they're irritable, their personality changes, they get confused, they seize, they can go into a coma and they can die," said Willaimson.

As a former century rider himself, Williamson said he knows most cyclists are usually just thinking about having fun, but like any good doctor, he added they shouldn't let the fun get in the way of their health.

"It is a blast," he said, "I love riding it, I love being the medical director, but when somebody in the medical tent says,'I need to take a look at you,' just look at them and say, 'yes Ma'am, or yes sir' because they're there to make sure you have a good time next year too."

Williamson added one of the best ways to prevent any serious injury, is for riders to ride with a buddy.

That way they'll have someone on the road with them, and can tell them if they need to seek out a medical tent.

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