Kirby Junior High Sixth Graders Become Engineers

Sixth graders at Kirby Junior High had the chance to show off their engineering skills.

They were assigned a challenge to build a machine to complete simple tasks.

As you can see, they accepted the challenge and took it up a notch.

"My machine is suppose to make this car. This is like a car dumpster. So it crushes the car."

Tired of the dangerous task of popping balloons by hand?

There is a machine for that now.

And who needs to go to the bowling alley anymore?

There is a machine for bowling now too.

"What did you learn?"
"I will never build anything with dominoes and wood again."

The assignment required students to use at least five simple machines such as levers and pulleys.

The machines also had to be able to fit through the classroom door.

It's amazing isn't what they can accomplish with the tiniest little bit of knowledge. Wow! Let their imaginations go. It's the best ever. What engineers are we going to have in this world." - Gwenna Gallenberger, sixth grade science teacher"

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