Lake Ringgold Still in the Works?

The lakes around Wichita Falls have been providing fun times, and water, to Texomans for years.

Wichita Falls has plans to turn a tract of land north of Henrietta into another man-made reservoir. In fact, they've been planning it for half a century.

"The lake sight has been indenitfied since the 60's," explained Daniel Nix, the Public Utilities Operations Manager with Wichita Falls, "the same time we identified Arrowhead as a lake site."

Nix said the City is in the process right now of working with State resource agencies, studying the best way to go about putting in a lake.

He said eventually, the $300-400 million project will be a reality.

But the area reserved for the new reservoir looks pretty open today, and City officials said they plan on keeping it that way for some time.

"Given the hoops you have to go through to build a reservoir sight," said Nix, "you're not going to see this reservoir built for another 30 to 40 years."

30 to 40 years, almost as long as it's been since the City bought part of the land they'll need to build Lake Ringgold from Macon Boddy.

"I'm not in any particular hurry to build this reservoir," said Boddy, "but any more droughts like last year and it might be the only water I have."

Macon said his father was originally approached by Wichita Falls about the land, but he was the Boddy that pulled the trigger on the deal.

Under the rules of his contract with Wichita Falls, Macon leases the land and works it just as he's always done.

But he knows eventually, much of his property may be along a lake.

"As we know, water in the State of Texas [is] precious," said Macon, "and [we know] how much [water] there's going to have to be, and this way nobody can build that lake without Wichita Falls."

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