Lawn Care Companies Busy This Season

Lawn care companies are seeing a much different picture so far this year compared to last year ... And they're staying extremely busy trying to help lawns recover from last year ... and battle weeds this year.
   Ah, freshly mown grass ... last summer, many of us had almost forgotten what it smelled like.
   Tommy Isbell
A  Perm-O-Green Lawn
"The grass didn't come out that well in the spring, then the wind hit, & then dried everything out, & then 100 days of 100, & the grass was really stressed."
   Stressed grass ... stressed trees ... And stressed people.
    Hoagie Jackson
Owner, A Fresh Cut Lawn & Tree
  "Landscaping was kinda a bare minimum, because people were scared to put anything in cause of the drought situation."
    This year's warm weather and rain means  landscapers' challenges will shift from trying to keep lawns alive -- to trying to keep them under control.:
   "Lots of rain, which we're really grateful for -- but it's made things grow -- including weeds. Probably the weediest year I've ever seen. And I've been doing this a long time!"
   "Grass is growing crazy -- weeds are growing crazy -- the trees are starting to show the stress effects of last year."
   A lot of trees simply couldn't survive last summer's drought -- such as this beautiful red oak, which made it through the '79 tornado, but now seems to be on the brink.  So, in addition to lawn care, many companies are also having to cut down trees.
   "We're seeing lots of dead shrubs, lots of dead trees ... & a lot of stressed trees that aren't dead yet, but they're on their last leg."
    Landscapers say if you have a dead shrub, you may as well get rid of it now.  But they say you should have your tree evaluated before cutting it down ... Because there's a chance it might be able to survive one more Texoma summer.
   "The key challenge is if we can get a little more rain -- if you can get Skip to get us that, then we'll all be very thankful for that."
   No pressure, Skip ... But I told him I'm confident you can do it.
     Hoagie Jackson says one helpful hint is not to water your tree right next to the trunk, -- instead, he says,  put a soaker hose around and under  the outside branches  where the shallowest roots can soak up the water.

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