Local Consumer Confidence Up

    MSU's economic outlook report for the first quarter of 2012 shows local consumer confidence is substantially more upbeat than in the last several quarters.
    The report predicts that the regional outlook will continue to improve for the rest of the year.
    And it found that people are optimistic about the local economy, their personal finances, and the upcoming year.
    However ... according to the report, a "weak jobs picture" has dampened the local economic outlook somewhat.
    Chamber of Commerce President Tim Chase says it's typical to see higher consumer confidence at the beginning of the year compared to the end.
   Tim Chase
W.F. Chamber of Commerce & Industry
"Does that translate into more sales for our retailers? More hamburgers for our restaurants, & so forth being purchased? We've tried to draw that correlation in years gone by -- sometimes yes & sometimes no. It's not a consistent model. So I can't look at this and say well the index is up -- therefore it's going to translate into more purchases."
    Chase says it's encouraging to see that people think our local economy is faring better than the national economy.
      The economic reports  are  issued quarterly by the Dillard College of Business Administration and the Bureau of Business and Government Research.

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