13 Local Teens Become Eagle Scouts

"Remember as you go forth in life Eagle Scouts and all you other scouts, that their is evil in this world
and their is good and you are a force for good. As you live up to the oath's and motto's you have
taken," said Texas District 30 Senator Craig Estes.

In a ceremony Sunday afternoon, 13 Boy Scouts received the honor of achieving Eagle Scout status, a
top distinction in the Scouts.

For these teens it was four plus years of community service, training at various skills and adhering to a
code of ethics that led them to this point.

"Basic laws are trustworthy, helpful, loyal, friendly, curious, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, and brave.
They're supposed to look at those laws as a guideline for them to work with ethical conduct towards
each other," said Troop 15 Scoutmaster Darrell Kirkland.

Scoutmaster Kirkland has been guiding young boys through the scouts for 38 years and takes pride in seeing
such a large class of area teens reaching this honor.

"You really have to look at them as you do your children, you have to be really happy about where they're going
and you have to motivate them to get the highest ranks." Said Kirkland.

Having seen Eagle Scouts before them accomplish great feats, has made Kirkland confident that these Eagle
Scouts will grow up to become successful leaders within their communities.

"This group of kids is an outstanding group of young men, you'll watch them later on in this community and
you'll find doctors and lawyers. Of everyone you run into in this community, some of them will be Eagle Scouts
and some of them will be out of this Troop," said Kirkland.

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