2012 YMCA Soap Box Derby

Competition shifted into high gear this morning in downtown Wichita Falls.

That's where dozens of people put on helmets and headed down the 9th Street hill in the YMCA's annual Soap Box Derby.

Anchors Gywn Bevel and Ann Arnold, who also emceed the event, raced down the hill.

And for spectators who didn't take a ride, they were still able to soak in the excitement of the atmosphere.

"I am in a hurry to win."

They got to their marks.

Ready, waiting, anticipating.

Ann Arnold even had time to smack talk her opponent just moments before.

"We are going for a repeat, I am going to beat Bevel, and I will see you at the bottom of the hill, let's go," she said.

And with some final competitive chatter.

"Bevel, see ya at the bottom."

"Good luck Arnold, your going to need it."

"See you at the bottom."

And a slow start, they were off.

And from the looks of it Ann's smack talk didn't seem to pay off.

"Who's winning?"

"I think Gywn has got her."

"Gywn has got her this time."

Then it was the kids turn.

They ran up the hill in excitement.

"We go on three, ready? One, two, three."

Only to race back down shortly after.

They sped down the track again and again.

With some seriously focused as they waited.

In all dozens craved the need for speed.

All in hopes of being the first to cross the finish line and see the checkered flag waving for them.

Ann and Gwyn weren't the only adults racing down the hill in today's Soap Box Derby.

This year was the first time adults could build their own cars and join the competition.

And although only three adults participated we're told it won't be the last they'll be included in all the Soap Box Derby fun.

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