2013 Brings New Fitness Seekers to Local Gyms

As thousands of Texomans get ready to ring in the new year, many are also looking forward to a happier and healthier 2013.

For some, that means setting new year's resolutions like getting into shape.

However, the gym, also known as the archnemesis of the couch and of many; but as we transition into a new year, many try to befriend this familiar foe.

YMCA Marketing Director Michelle Thompson says everyone wants to look their best for the new year.

"New Year's is a time to do something new, to do something fresh. Everybody's ready so we'll see a huge spike of people through the doors," Thompson says.

The New Year's resolution to go to the gym is one of the most popular out there but every year, many who have set goals to get into shape quit  within weeks.

Thompson says, "People expect to see an immediate result when they start living a little healthier life and when they don't see that result immediately, they give up and stop it or they are doing things they don't enjoy."

Michea Boyd, a personal trainer at Planet Fitness, says the influx of new fitness seekers started a few days before the start of 2013.

"Hopefully it will stay that way but usually the first of the year is always the busiest."

In addition, Boys says, "First step is getting back into the gym. I think after you do that and you get motivated and you get back on track, it's a lifestyle. It's something that you get use to and you do it everyday.

Whether the gym becomes your new best friend or an acquaintance you see a few times a year, experts say the key to a successful new, healthy lifestyle is finding something you enjoy doing.

"That's what I do, kind of help people. Show them what they need to do. How to use something," Boyd says. "They definitely have someone to help at all times. It's just sticking to it."

Thompson says, "It's not just about working out. It's about everything you do. Getting more sleep, spending time with your family, eating healthier; it's not just about the exercise, it's your whole wellness.

Wellness that can only be achieved one step at a time.

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