60th Anniversary of the Knox County Tornado

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 will mark the 60th anniversary of a tornado that ripped across Haskell and Knox Counties back in 1953.

The tornado was rated on the Fujita Scale, which rates the amount of damage a tornado does, at F4.  This is the second greatest damage level in the Fujita scale.

Tornadoes were rated from F0 to F5.  Today, after a recent re-evaluation tornadoes are rated between EF0 and EF5.

Records from the National Weather Service indicate the tornado killed 17 people and injured another 60 in its path.

Al thought not in the top 10 tornadoes in United States history, it is considered one of the worst in the history of the state of Texas because it killed over a dozen people.

KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp.

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