7th Annual AMMO Bowl Tournament Honors Two Loved Ones

- The AMMO community from bases all over the country took over the softball complex in Wichita Falls on Saturday for the 7th annual AMMO Bowl Tournament.

AMMO is the munitions branch of the U.S. Air Force and their duties include building, testing and performing maintenance on all types of weapons.

This year's AMMO bowl tournament is different then in years past, as the AMMO troops honor members they've lost.

"What it is, is a bunch of munitions troops come together and it's all about the comradery. We've got 10 bases from around the area. We call it central AMMO bowl, we've got teams as far as Florida that come here," tournament director Jason Laferriere says.  

Tournaments like this take place all over the country, but this local AMMO bowl is a little bit different this year.

"We play this tournament in memorial for those two," Laferriere says.  

The troops are playing in memory of two of their own.

Danny Ferguson lost his life defending others at the Ft. Hood shooting earlier this year.

He was very involved in the AMMO community at Sheppard, his sister is a retired ammo troop and played with the Sheppard AMMO community at this tournament in years past.

And they are also honoring AMMO troop John Charleston who passed away in may of 2012 from cancer.

Organizers say playing in their honor will make this tournament a memorable one.

"Makes the heart feel good you know. We miss them, we miss them all and we wish they were here. And we always think about them but it's good that we give a weekend in their memorial," Lafferriere says. 

Laferriere says this is the first year of the AMMO bowl they had 4 teams and this year they have 10.

And they hope to grow the tournament even more in year's to come.

"Hoping one day we can get as many AMMO troops here, as possible. I don't know if Wichita Falls is ready for that though," Lafferriere says. 

The tournament went on all day today and well continue tomorrow into the championship.

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