A Bird's-eye View of the Dire Water Situation

Our water supply level has fallen another half a percent in the last week.

The combined level is 34%.  Arrowhead is at 33.3% and Kickapoo is at 36.2%.

Back in January we took a flight over the lakes when we had about 41% combined level.

Pilot Wayne Richey took KFDX Photojournalist Jake VanDonge up over the lakes again Thursday morning for another look and it's a sad sight.

We flew over Lake Kemp, which today is at 23.1% of capacity.  Kemp is the biggest of our lakes, at 268,000 acre feet and is now at 78,511 acre feet.  It is fed by the big Wichita River. 

Over the past 20 years, it's median level is 78% and it was last above the flood pool back in 2011.

Photojournalist Jake VanDonge also took video of Lake Arrowhead, the main source of water for Wichita Falls.  It has a capacity of 236,000 acre feet and is now at 78,511 acre feet.

It's median level the last 20 years is 80% full.  It is fed by the Little Wichita, as is the smaller lake upstream, Lake Kickapoo.

It was at or above the flood pool for most of the 80's and 90's and it almost went over the spillway in 2010.

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