A family travels half way around the world to ride in Hotter N' Hell

The Hotter N' Hell Hundred is set to gear up on Saturday morning as thousands of riders take part in the annual event. Many riders will come from neighboring communities and states but there are a few of them who have traveled far and wide to be in Wichita Falls for this unique cycling event. The Brahmi family traveled thousands of miles from France to participate in Hotter N' Hell. They are calling themselves the French Invasion. The Brahmi's are excited to be in Wichita Falls and are ready to absorb everything Hotter N' Hell Hundred and the community has to offer. Boalem Brahmi traveled to Dallas to see his brother Cherif with his wife, son and other brother. Boalem is excited to share the experience with them. "I think it is very nice to bring my family over. It's a once in a lifetime chance to be together and do the race together," Brahmi says. Cherif has been hyping up the grueling ride to his family for quite a while. "I've been telling my younger brother to come do the race and I say you have to experience the hot weather in Wichita, we get 104, 108 degrees," Cherif says. "It's kind of disappointing because it's the same weather as France right now." Despite this year's cooler weather, Boalem's wife, Dalila Brahmi, says she is ready to experience the Texas lifestlye. Dalilia says, "I feel that the most interesting is experiencing the people of Wichita Falls, being with the host families and experiencing how people share and eat here." Hedda Gioia Dowd, a family friend, agrees with Dalilia. Dowd says taking time to learn from each other's cultures is what matters most. Dowd adds, "I just think the diversity of people and the cultural exchange between Wichita Falls and France is just one of the most beautiful things we have to offer each other." The Brahmi's say they appreciate the genuine hospitality from the Wichita Falls community. Cherif says, "I just love the people here and they have been hosting us... we stay with the same family four years in a row. People are very friendly." Boalem adds, "I see everybody in Wichita are very friendly so far everybody has been nice and kind. I'm very excited for tomorrow to be a nice and fun race." The Brahmi's say they will be back again next year. They plan to spend the night before the ride cooking dinner for their host family and getting a good nights rest.

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