Abbott Licensing Law Changes Could Affect Occupations Like Cosmetologists

Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is proposing a decrease of what he calls "burdensome regulations" for businesses that require a state-issued license to operate. 

Abbott says over-regulation results in less competition, fewer choices and higher costs.

The Wichita Falls native says it discourages those who want to start a business from doing so.

However, those in the line of work that may be affect, like cosmetology, say they're against the changes.

For Amber Shown, a cosmetologist at RPZO & Co. salon says she can't imagine why Abbott would want to do that. 

She says the road to becoming a hair dresser was a long one.

"You have to learn pretty much basically about the entire human body," Shown says. "You have to learn about diseases of the scalp, the skin, the hair, the nails. You've got to constantly be learning about everything."

Abbott's proposal would still require sanitary conditions in salons be maintained but they would scale back it's licensing laws considerably. 

It's a move Shown says would affect businesses.

"I think people would start getting scared to go to any kind of salon. I know I would be if they weren't trained, weren't taught well."

Customers like Katelyn Locy agree.

Locy says, "They go through the training for a reason."

"If they don't then there's knowledge that they could be lacking that could honestly lead to some serious disease being transferred or an injury occurring," Locy says. 

Mister Cutts Total Male Grooming co-owner Jessica Nelson says customers can trust those with a license to know what they are doing.

"You know that they've been trained and they've worked hard to get where they are at and they've gone to school to do what they are doing and I think that just gives people peace of mind," Nelson says.

It's a peace of mind Nelson says customers appreciate.

Other jobs currently requiring licenses that could be changes under Abbott's plan are interior designers, dog trainers and towing operators.

School coaches are also part of this plan but it only affects those who only coach.

Coaches who also teach will still need a teaching certificate.

Abbott's proposal could repeal many of its occupational licensing laws or it could adopt a number of policies that govern the licensing laws. 

For more information on the proposed changes, click on the link

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