Active Shooter Training in Childress

- As you and your kids prepare for the upcoming school year, you are not alone.

Law enforcement agencies are training to keep your children safe, should any act of terror come to your child's school grounds.

Authorities say since the school shooting at Columbine High School they are seeing about 30 mass shootings each year across the nation.

And now law enforcement officers are taking active steps to prepare plans of action, they hope they will never have to put to use.

They're not your typical students coming to school, but they are getting an education.

For the next four days local, county and state law officers will be at Childress ISD for active shooter training.

"We want all those agencies to play from the same deck of cards and know what each other are going to do and it makes everyone be able to do there job better,” said Daniel Hawthorne, a Senior DPS trooper.

Active shooter trainings happening all over the nation to get ready for the worst and to protect the most innocent.

“This is where your kids are, so once someone hurts our kids it effects us all,” said Lt. Michael Nix from DPS. 

But it's not just training for man-made threats, it includes anything that poses a threat to students.

“We are talking any type of situation: tornado, hurricane down on the coast, it could be a hazmat spill it could be any type of situation you are going to have massive evacuation with lots of agencies involved,” said Hawthorne.

And they say it's at these training exercises where the agencies learn the skills they need to have successful outcomes.

“What we hope is that there are less hurricane Katrina and more hurricane Ikes, where everyone works together and where the emergency agencies all kind of flow,” he said.

Law enforcement officers aren't the only people that are in on the training.

Some school officials and staff will be there during the week to see how they can work alongside authorities.

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