Additional Cell Phone Companies Offer Text to 9-1-1

- More cell phone service companies are giving their customers the ability to text police dispatchers to notify them of an emergency situation.

Wichita Falls Police Department dispatchers say Verizon Wireless was the first company to provide that service to their customers.

That started back in February.

As of last week, Sprint and AT&T are now providing the same option.

Cell phone users can text their emergency to dispatchers who will also reply with a text message.

Dispatchers say the service is useful for those in highly sensitive situations such as a kidnapping.

Carla Turner, WFPD communications supervisor, says, "If there's a person that's in danger or it's a life or death situation where they're not able to call us and they fear danger for voice dialing, they can always text us and we can get the same assistance because it's the same phone, it has GPS, and we'll still be able to locate them as we would if they were voice dialing us."

Turner says she hopes T-Mobile and US Cellular will soon provide the service to their customers as well.

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