Altus Looking at Options to Increase Water Supply

- Another Texoma city is on the verge of moving to a higher drought level. That has the city following a 9 part drought plan, a plan that includes having churches pray for rain.

Nearby Lake Lugert is drying up and this has Altus officials examining a few alternatives to make sure every drop counts.

"I've described the seashores as miles and miles of sandy seashore just to get there," Emergency Management director Llyod Colston says.  

Altus has been in stage 3 drought status since last April. 

Colston says stage four could be right around the corner,  so the city is exploring all options to keep water flowing.

"The city of Altus is in the process now of refurbishing a well that was taken offline, there's some infrastructure to be moved and replaced, and that would be the pipeline to the well, and we expect that to be ready this fall," Colston says.  

But as the city examines options to increase the city's water supply, Colston says the community is the key to keeping the city strong during this tough time.

"They're making a conscious effort, as I tell people, use the water you need, need the water you use and they are taking that message to heart," Colston says.  

Officials have drafted 9 guidelines to deal with the drought emergency, from looking at other sources such as bringing in water by pipeline, truck and train, to asking churches to continue their prayers for rain.

"It depends on the citizens to corporate because if they use all the water without conserving then we can't deliver the qualities of water that people in the community need," Colston says.  

Colston also says the city has talked about building a new dam and reservoir with Jackson County.

It's just one of the many options officials are considering as they continue to survive this drought.

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