April Storm Brings 29 Hail Reports

A dry line across the panhandle of Texas down along the edge of the Caprock Escarpement produced severe thunderstorms on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.  Those storms moved to the east and northeast spreading severe weather.

In the early afternoon clouds and some showers formed along the dry line in Childress, Cottle and King Counties which helped to slightly dampen the risk of severe weather across Texoma.  Those clouds decreased the heating of the surface in western Texoma.  When that happens the severe weather risk drops a bit.

Even with the lesser amount of surface heating in western Texoma the Storm Prediction Center (SPC), which has the responsibility of notifying the general population and National Weather Service Offices about the risk of severe weather, kept the severe weather threat at SLIGHT.

The SPC rates severe weather risk as follows:  "see text" which indicates isolated strong storms, SLIGHT, MODERATE and HIGH.  Texoma sees dozens of days with isolated strong thunderstorms and also SLIGHT risk of severe thunderstorms.  Our area sees a lesser amount of risk days categorized as "MODERATE".  And we see very few days in the "HIGH" risk category.

But for Wednesday, April 23 the SLIGHT risk verified as dozens of severe weather reports were recorded in Texoma.  The reports were wind damage and large hail.  There were no reports of tornadoes in Texoma on Wednesday, which was a blessing.  The same thing probably will not be said on this upcoming Saturday, April 26.

Here are just a small selection of the large hail reports:
  • Ping-Pong Ball size hail, 4 miles north of Childress, reported at 6:14p
  • Golf Ball size hail, near Crowell, reported at 6:20p
  • Golf Ball size hail, 4 miles NE of Lake Kemp, reported at 7:04p
  • Quarter size hail, 10 miles NE of Irby, reported at 7:55p
  • Ping-Pong Ball size hail, near Elbert, reported at 8:56p
  • Ping-Pong Ball size hail, 2 miles SE of Oklaunion, reported at 7:40p
  • Quarter size hail, 12 miles NE of Gilliland, reported at 6:32a
  • Golf Ball size hail, 3 miles S of Newcastle, reported at 9:30p
  • Quarter size hail, near Loving, reported at 10:17p
  • Half Dollar size hail, 6 miles ESE of Lockett, reported at 7:17p
  • Quarter size hail, 2 miles E of Iowa Park, reported at 8:12p
  • Quarter size hail, 1 mile NE of Sheppard AFB, reported at 8:38p
  • Quarter size hail, 2 miles N of Throckmorton, reported at 8:28p

For more information on the severe weather reports provided to the Storm Prediction Center click on the link to the right.

At this time, Saturday appears to be a high end risk of severe weather in Texoma.  Currently the SPC has Texoma in a SLIGHT risk of severe weather with the focus on very large hail, damaging high wind gusts from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.  In addition SPC has put a majority of Texoma in an ENHANCED risk of severe weather on Saturday.  This is in between SLIGHT and MODERATE risk areas.  An ENHANCED risk means this area is likely to see the worst of the severe weather.  Stay tuned to KFDX for the latest information on the possible severe weather on Saturday.

KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp

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