Archer City ISD Debates Allowing Teachers To Carry Concealed Handguns

Many Te
xoma schools are still looking for ways to beef up security after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.

And some districts are looking at the route taken by the Harrold School District years before that shooting even took place, arming employees with guns.

The bell rings, students fill the hallways, grabbing their supplies rushing to their next class, but soon Archer City schools could contain something that's usually banned on campus; firearms.

"Just for the psychological advantage it would probably be better, for someone on our campus as well as the elementary if the general population knew that someone was armed that would be a deterrent, said Carol Campbell, Archer City High School teacher.

"Whatever can be there first, and if that means personnel having a fire arm that can be there before an SRO can get from one campus to another they just want whatever is going to stop them the fastest," said C.D. Knobloh, Archer City's Asst. Superintendent.

Archer City School Board Trustees discussed allowing teachers to carry concealed handguns in their last meeting, but made no decision.

And with a campus with buildings spread far apart some teachers say it would be a good thing.

"There are just too many ways and opens that people can come in and out of here and there is no way to shut it completely down without putting tunnels or guarded hallways," said Clifton Russel, an Archer City teacher.

Archer City Schools have recently added more cameras, and dead bolts to all classroom doors but many students want more.

"It could be very helpful in certain situations if we have armed teachers," Ashton Dunkel, said Archer City student.

"With concealed handguns they would know that there are armed people in this school and that they would help them deter from coming into the school," said another Archer student, Hunter York.

But while Campbell supports the idea she said she could never carry a gun into school.

"I had a first cousin killed in a gun accident so to tell you that I would bare an arm would be a lie, I can't do it," said Campbell.

But like many others she believes teachers carrying concealed handguns could make the difference in stopping another tragedy.

Archer City's School Board still needs to vote on their decision, they say they'll do that at the May 20th meeting.

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