Archer City Police Chief Explains Why He's a Big Supporter of Body Cameras

- The death of Ferguson, Missouri teen, Michael Brown, as well as the shooting of an armed man today by police in neighboring St. Louis have many wondering about what actually happened?

Since there are two different accounts of what led to Brown's shooting in Ferguson, that had Mechell Dixon asking one Texoma police chief about the impact body cameras could have on clearing up contradicting accounts.

Archer City's police chief says when it comes to factual information, technology always tells the truth. And that's why he's a big proponent of body cameras.

For nearly a year, Archer City police chief, Joe Burton, has had a partner accompany him on every call. That partner is a body camera that attaches to his sunglasses. And Chief Burton says this partner never gets the facts wrong.

"You don't have to rely on unreliable testimony.  Basically, the jury or whoever is viewing the video is seeing exactly what the officer sees at that moment in time," Chief Burton says.

Burton says in the past, the department has used dash cameras but he found the recorded video to be a bit limited.

"The camera can't show through the car seats.  People could be reaching for a gun. People could be reaching for knife.  People could be hiding drugs or stuff something underneath the seat," Burton explains.

But Burton says these body cameras provide video that's recorded from the officer's perspective. As unrest continues in Ferguson, Missouri, following the August 9th shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown, different accounts of what happened are surfacing.

One account says Brown rushed Officer Darren Wilson moments before the shooting while another says Brown was shot while running away from Officer Wilson. Chief Burton says having a high-tech partner accompanying him takes out the guess work of what actually happened on a call because this camera captures everything the officer sees.

Archer City is not the only small area police department using body cameras. Different versions of them are also used by police in Graham and Olney.

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