Armed Robberies Have Wichita Falls Police Urging Business to Maintain Their Surveillance Systems

RayBaswell admitting to these crimes has investigators on the road to closing three armed robberies.

The convenience store that was robbed Saturday did have several security cameras on the property but police won't actually say if those cameras led to the quick arrest of Charles RayBaswell.

However, they do say surveillance video is instrumental in helping them identify suspects.

Surveillance cameras used to be a deterrent for would-be robbers.
But now they are not.

And police say there are several reasons why "big brother" doesn't bother criminals as much.

Those reasons all deal with store owners making cameras inside businesses actually work.

"Make sure that they are recording.  Make sure the quality is good.  Occasionally we will pull video tape or digital recordings or it be nothing but static or angled inappropriately.  There are some facilities that actually mount them a little too high where we just get a top of the head view," says Officer Jeff Hughes, with the Wichita Falls Police Department.

Officer Jeff Hughes say the best camera position is at the register that allows a shot of the suspects face.

The armed robbery of the 5th Street Discount Store on Thursday and Friday was not captured on camera.

Owners say the store recently opened and their surveillance equipment had not been installed.

Now, it is up and running, which police say raises another must with businesses.

"Every few days or week or so check it.  Make sure it's still filming.  Make sure it's still working like it's suppose to.  Access it from time to time and make sure it's recording like you want it to record," Officer Hughes explains.

Police summed up the use of surveillance cameras by saying the better the quality and resolution of the video or pictures... the easier it is for investigators to quickly identify a suspect so they can locate them.

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