Army Veterans Jump Into 173rd Airborne Brigade 50th Anniversary Celebration

It was a big anniversary for dozens of army retirees in Frederick.

Retired Army members came together today at Frederick Army Air Field for a big anniversary.

Instructors are giving some final tips before these Sky Soldiers take flight.

Two days of training, all for just 60 seconds of thrill. For a jump honoring the 173rd Airborne Brigade for their 50 years of service.
"People in the military who have served have that gut instinct, that heart, it's really the only way we can pay homage and tribute to our fellow service men and women," said Bill Jordan, from the WWII Airborne Demonstration team.

About 20 former soldiers came from all over the country to take an early morning ride in the sky on the Wold War II C47 used in the Normandy invasion, only to find their way back down to the ground.
But there exit strategy looked a little different.

It's a feeling that's quite familiar to these folks, even though it's been about 30 years since many of them have found themselves in the air like this, but for 82 year-old Dayton Herrington, a retired Army Sgt. Major, the feeling and technique came rushing back.
"It's when you go out the door it's muscle memory and you just do it the way you are suppose to do it without even thinking about it," he said. 

"It's a feeling, it's a yearning, it's almost like being patriotic, it's something that you can really not describe," said Jordan. 

Mary Iskerka, a retired Army paratrooper, has a different way to describe her morning, now.

"To jump on that plane which was used in the Normandy invasion you'll never have another opportunity to do something like that," she said. 

An opportunity to remember, honor and serve for many more years to come.

More jumps will be conducted by the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team during their Open Hangar Day on July 27th.

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