Bacteria Infects Young Boy

A nine year-old boy is at home recovering from a deadly bacteria infection.

John Fulton was at Lake Nacona when he stepped on a piece of metal which punctured his foot.

It was that open wound that allowed the bacteria to infect his body sending john to the hospital.

According to Dr. Jake Kaiser, John's pediatrician this is not a public health emergency.

There are some precautionary measures however to help keep you and your family safe..

It was meant to be just a fun day at the lake

But the mood quickly turned when 9 year-old John Fulton stepped on something in the water.

"Half his foot was completely swollen, it started to get red streaks coming out from the wound and it looked really puff like there might be something underneath, " John's Mother, Candice Fulton said.

His mother's intuition was right.

A half inch piece of metal was inside john's foot.

But that wasn't the only thing, a bacteria called Aeromonas had made it's way inside John's body.

Dr. Jake kaiser, John's pediatrician, says it's the same bacteria seen in recent headlines.

"Most recently in the news it's been known to cause that flesh eating disease, but most commonly it just causes the soft tissue infection Cellulitus and some Abscess that are more easily treated with just routine antibiotics," he said.

Unfortunately for john antibiotics weren't enough.

So two days after the initial injury John underwent surgery at United Regional.

"It was a little more tedious to do surgery, and we had to be a little more careful but it's just a simple incision and he actually had a drain to help get the incision out," Dr. Kaiser said.

Now John is at home recovering.

Lucky to have all his limbs and just a small scar reminding him of that fateful day at the lake.

Dr. Kaiser says one of the best ways to protect yourself is where foot protection while swimming in lakes

That way you can avoid getting cut altogether.

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