BBQ Health Tips for Father's Day

The smell of grills being fired up this weekend is a sure sign Texomans are celebrating Father's Day.

But last year the Centers for Disease Control found that an estimated one in six Americans got sick from food borne illnesses.

So to make sure everyone enjoys their outdoor barbecuing we asked health experts for some safety tips.

The time is right to light the coals

To get ready for barbecue and all the sides.

But before you start grilling the meat, the Wichita Falls County Health District has a few tips for you.

First, make sure the temperature is precise.

Susan Morris the Environmental Health Coordinator suggests using a stem thermometer.

Putting it in the thickest part of the meat will give you the most accurate reading,"Temperature is very important when you are cooking your meat. If it's beef you want to cook it to 160 degrees if it's poultry you want to cook it to 165 degrees," she said.

Temperature is important both on and off the grill.

When marinating meat, make sure to put it in the refrigerator because food left at room temperature becomes a high risk.

"We call that the danger zone for temperature. The bacteria grows really really fast and you might not be able to kill it at that point," Morris said.

And the best way to kill that bacteria is by washing your hands, and not just by putting them under the water but by using soap and water rubbing them thoroughly for about twenty seconds.

And Morris says you can never wash your hands enough, "Before you handle raw meat, and then after you handle the raw meat, before you cut up your vegetables and then after you cut up your vegetables, wash your hands between every task that you do."

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