Bed Bugs Continue Biting in Texoma

- Some annoying bloodsuckers are causing big problems around Texoma and we're not talking about mosquitoes. We're talking about bed bugs.

In a matter of weeks tiny bed bugs can create serious sore spots for the people they prey on. And exterminators say there isn't much that can be done to keep the bloodsuckers at bay. Take note, some of the video above may be disturbing.

Bed bugs are a nightmare that's coming true inside more and more Texoma homes. Stephen Sells works with Top-O-Texas Termite and Pest Control. He says bed bugs can quickly become a big problem because they're hard to see and easy to attract.

"If there's one sitting on the chair and you sit down where it was and it crawled up on you or got in your pocket or in your purse and you take it home... you've got them," Sells says.

And getting rid of them can take lots several weeks and lots of money. The battle is on now to rid Faith Refuge for Women of bed bugs. The shelter recently moved women and children out of this family wing after clients became a night time meal for the bloodsuckers.

"Everything that was in that wing was left in that wing to be treated.  So, we had the ladies and children removed.  They took showers. We gave them new clothing and they had all new supplies so we didn't take anything out of there and bring it in another area of  the building," says Diana Seigler, Site Director at Faith Refuge.

Experts say these bugs can make their way into homes of the rich and the poor. They also say while there's little that can be done to keep them away, they do offer this advice.

"You need to be real careful when you go to a hotel.  You can put your clothes in a bag and wash it up before you bring it home.  No matter if it's clean or not, wash it anyway.  You need to try not to, as much as possible, not get used furniture from anybody individually cause you never know why they're getting rid of it," Sells says.

Experts say getting rid of bed bugs can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

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