Ben Milam Students Get a Lesson in Grossology

We've all been told to never count your chickens before they hatch. But that's not the case at Ben Milam Elementary.

Students get the opportunity to spend time once a week in an elective to learn about subjects that interest them. They can choose any subject ranging from cooking, scrap booking, or something called grossology.

"Grossology, I decided. Let's have a science learning experience elective where we kind of talk about the gross side of science. You know things that are scientific. But maybe not the things that we're really not suppose to talk about," said teacher Mark Dudley.

This grossology lesson was about how chickens form inside eggs. The class has it's own incubator and students were given the chance to put a flashlight to the eggs to see the baby chicks forming.

They also learned a thing or two about the behavior of chickens.

Student Logan Rex said, "I never knew that umm chickens or ducks just fall asleep anywhere. Even though they are drinking water."

The electives are offered every Friday and usually last about 45 minutes.

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