Bill to Limit Wind Farms Near Military Installations Goes to the Senate

A bill that would do away with tax credits for companies building wind farms within 25 miles of military air space is expected to go to a vote possibly on Monday in the Texas House.

And, if the House bill passes as it came over from the Senate, Governor Greg Abbott could sign it into law.
Tonight, Darrell Franklin is going to take us along in a T-38 Talon over local wind farms to explore the controversial issue.

I am.....since last spring.... Sheppard officials and supporters have spoken out about two proposed Clay County wind farms they say would negatively impact training. Tonight we're going to explore the possible reasons why.

Lieutenant Colonel Matt Manning says the biggest danger comes within 25 miles because that's when training aircraft are at their lowest altitudes as they're being brought back by air traffic controllers to base.

He says because the tips of wind turbine blades can move around 200 miles per hour they can show up on radar  as aircraft or add to the clutter air traffic controllers must try to decipher.

"You see how densely they're packed?  That's what creates that dense field of all of those returns.  So, if they were within that 25- miles, our radar would pick up all of these.  And, it would just be clutter on the scope.  So, anything flying through these wouldn't be seen.  Flying over it, in front of it, behind it, wouldn't be seen by the radar," Lieutenant Colonel Matt Manning, SAFB.

We'll have much more from Colonel Manning and we'll hear from those in the wind power industry who have their own strong opinions. Don't miss our Tour Over Texoma tonight on KFDX 3 News at ten.

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