Black Friday madness underway across Texoma

Black Friday, the Super Bowl of retail, is currently underway at stores across Texoma and shoppers are out and about on Friday snatching up some of those specials deals that only come once a year.

However, for many, the shopping extravaganza started on Thursday.

Shoppers lined up outside of Toys R Us on Thursday, hours before the doors opened, all in hopes of getting their hands on this year's hottest toys.

Shoppers like Chelsie Nelson have a plan going into the busiest shopping days of the year.

"We got the game plan worked out... I made them take pictures from their phone of the ad," Nelson says.

Other shoppers like Victoria Longo say they had been preparing for the shopping day for quite some time.

"We came yesterday and scoped out where they are putting everything," Longo says.

Longo says it's a day where the savings can't be beat.

"Today I'll probably spend around $400 and $500 but I'll end up saving around the same amount so it makes it worth it," Longo says.

Toys R Us Store Manager Josh Barger says his crew has been preparing for Black Friday for weeks, knowing that hundreds will be out looking for a bargain.

"People are really out for value on a night like tonight but we have just, every year seen a bigger and bigger turnout and it's been great for us," Barger says. "I think for the community as a whole, people are getting great deals. They're able to get their kids what they want for Christmas and value at the same time."

For shoppers, it's a value that can replace a traditional Thanksgiving.

Longo says, "It kind of nice but at the same point and time, it sucks because you don't really get to spend Thanksgiving with your family."

Cheryl Leavitt, a shopper who traveled from Fort Sill, says she misses Black Friday but doesn't mind taking part in Grey Thursday.

"No, I don't like it at all, I'd rather wake up at 2 a.m. and go so at least we get Thanksgiving with our family but am I going to stop going? No," Leavitt says.

Also, on the busiest shopping day of the year, shoppers gathered outside of Best Buy in hopes of getting their hands on some of this year's hottest deals.

The doors at Best Buy didn't open until midnight but the first person in line started camping out at 8 p.m. on Wednesday and the line continued to grow until it wrapped around the building.

As soon as the doors opened, shoppers rushed inside to find hot items on sale.

Many shoppers who waited for hours were given tickets securing certain items like televisions and laptops.

Best Buy officials say the Black friday Craze continues to grow every year.

Shoppers like Craig Lively say even though they spent their Thanksgiving outside of the store waiting in line, the savings can't be beat.

"I say the wait is worth it," Lively says. "I've been waiting out here trying to get the 40 inch TV and I actually got the last ticket for it so i'm pretty happy. I'm happy to bring that home to my family."

We want to know what you think, did you go shopping on Grey Thursday or Black Friday? Was it worth it?

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