"Black Friday" Shopping Slow Early Morning

It's one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Black Friday is known to have folks lining up early in the morning.

But, the new shopping trend, “Gray Thursday,” had early morning shoppers confused by the calm. 

“Very little sleep, check. Starbucks in hand, check. Husbands and kids at home, check, knuckle grindin', elbow throwin' Granny, check,” said Amanda Fleming as she read her T-shirt.

It's a tradition that some take quite seriously.

But this year, stores known to be full of folks early for “Black Friday” shopping, were, well, not so much.

“It's quiet. It's very quiet right now. Here, it is. I was surprised,” said shopper, Alice Rodriguez.

Surprised, to easily maneuver through the store, and find those great deals they came for.

The best items we found were stashed safely in carts. They were cute, and also not for sale.

Those we spoke with were mostly veteran "Black Friday" shoppers, those who were unwilling to fall into the “Gray Thursday” trend.

“Thanksgiving is all about family, so we will continue to have our family Thanksgiving and come shopping on Friday,” said Fleming. 

“It's what Thanksgiving is all about, doing family all day Thursday, and shopping all day Friday,” said Liz Wathen, an avid “Black Friday” shopper.

While Target employees said the early hours were slow because of the "Gray Thursday" rush yesterday, they said they expected to pick back up again around the noon hour.

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