Blood Emergency Declared in North Texas and Oklahoma

- The Blood Institute of Texas and Oklahoma has declared a blood emergency, and they say recent weather is to blame.

They only have one day worth of blood left.

Executive director Daren Coats says they do not declare an emergency unless they are really concerned about their supply, so he's hoping as the roads clear up that more donors will be coming through their doors.

Two winter storms back to back has put The Blood Institute in bad situation.

“We lost over 450 unit, donors on the schedule just on Thursday morning when the storm started so we knew we were gonna have an issue meeting demand in our hospitals,” says Coats.

And losing hundreds of donors adds up.

“It takes about 600 donors to meet the supply for one day throughout our 164 hospitals that we provide the blood for in north Texas,” Oklahoma and Arkansas.

They've been fine the last few holiday seasons, when demand usually exceeds supply, but this year is different.

“This storm caused a lot of cancellations for a lot of mobiles, a lot of schools, a lot of churches a lot of businesses aren't open where we would normally go and collect blood,” says Coats.

Cancellations don't work out well for the institute because needing blood never stops

“Everyday someone has a cancer treatment, everyday people are having babies, when the weathers like this they're a lot of car wrecks and an accident could mean that somebody's gonna need blood,” says Coats.

And three people in those situations can be saved with just one pint of your blood.

You have to be 16 to donate blood and coats says with an appointment the whole process should take about 45 minutes to an hour.

If you want to help end the blood emergency in Texas click here, and to donate in Oklahoma, click here.

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