Bonny Homes Residents on Alert After Recent Burglaries

    What started as an ordinary morning for one Wichita Falls woman turns terrifying in a matter of seconds.
    "I had just gotten out of the shower and heard our dogs barking.  When i went to go look out the window I didn't see anything.  The next thing I know, I hear noises and I go to find it and he's two feet in front of me and has a knife in his hand," the victim says.
    A burglar had apparently used the knife to open the back door.
    "When I screamed, it made our dogs mad, so he turned around and ran off.  He hurdled the fence like it was nothing," she says.
    There's been three reports of criminal activity in the bonny homes neighborhood in just four days.
    Early Monday afternoon, a woman told police her purse was stolen from her vehicle.
    It was later recovered in a back alleyway.
    And early Sunday morning, 41-year-old Brian Westmoreland was arrested after police say they found him taking copper wire from a home that's for sale.
    Officers say alert neighbors called them, which they say enabled them to catch the thief in the act.
    Officer Jeff Hughes with the WFPD says, "Anybody someone sees suspicious activity, and if it's suspicious to you, then it probably is, even if it's something that doesn't seem quite right, so ahead and call us so we can check it out."
    The Neighborhood Watch Program encourages residents to be alert of what's happening near their homes.
    "Basically it will let criminals know that you're not going to allow crime in your neighborhood.  We have had criminals tell us that they've stayed out of areas where Neighborhood Watch signs existed.  We know that it definitely is a deterrent," Hughes says.
    There's also the Crime Free Lifestyles Program.
    "Which targets the individual homeowner as opposed to the neighborhood as a group," Hughes says.
    To get involved in both or either of these programs and keep your home safe, call 720-5019 or 720-2181.
    And if you have any information about these crimes, call Crime Stoppers at 322-9888.

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