Bottled Water Sales Increased Before Emergency Water Reuse Project Began

- Even though the city says the water blended with recycled water tests just as safe and taste the same as the previous water, some  residents still seem reluctant to give it a try.

A lot of people voiced their opinion on the reuse water that's making its way to faucets. They just would not talk on camera about it. However, the few who did said they actually started stocking up on bottled water long before today.

Bottled water sales are booming at Wichita Falls businesses. In fact, Market Street managers say workers have to stock the shelves several times a day to keep up with demand

"We actually keep probably from 8 to 10 pallets of water in the back and we get a truck every night and we just keep that replenished to make sure we have enough," says Larry Martin, general manager at Market Street.

But managers say the bottled water demand actually began earlier this year when crews started working on the city's emergency water reuse project. And they say sales increased as the project start date got closer.

The president and CEO of Spring House Water Company says that has also been the case with home delivery sales.

"We've picked up several new customers based on the fact that they're concerned about the municipal water they're drinking," Brandon Gossvener explains.

Some shopper says they've always bought bottled water to drink because they prefer the taste, and have no plans to change yet.

"I'll wait until it's in effect for a while then I might drink it.  I don't know. But I always buy bottled water anyway," says Judy Mays, who lives in Wichita Falls.

But with the pipeline now in operation some shoppers say they may consider bottled water for other household uses.

"We might keep it in mind when we're using water to cook and things like that but I feel like desperate times call for desperate measures so I feel like the city is doing what they have to do to keep us afloat," adds Meloni Cox, who also lives in Wichita Falls.

It's not just bottled water sales that are up in Wichita Falls. We've also found that stores have also seen an increase in sales of water dispensers and home filtration systems.

And managers at those businesses say they noticed sales increasing a few months ago.

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