Boy testifies by closed circuit in the Sara Woody abuse trial

A boy who says Batman is his hero and that he is terrified to be in the same room with his stepmother testified by closed circuit tv in the Sara Woody child abuse trial. The boy, who was 7 at the time of the alleged abuse was in the room with the judge, lawyers, and court reporter.
Later that boy's older brother testified in front of his stepmother in the courtroom.

Darrell Franklin joins us now with more on the gruesome details the boy gave about of the alleged abuse he and his brother endured.

He said before Woody became their stepmom, his dad would only punish them by making them stand in the corner.

But when Woody began home schooling them every day, the punishment became much more severe. He said Woody would burn them under their feet and tongues for lying on not doing their chores.

Make them lick the toilet bowl when they didn't pick up their toys and hit his private parts with the metal end of a belt for wetting the bed.

He said when he had bruises, she would put onions on them all night or use makeup to cover them up.
If they got hungry and took food at night, he said she made them drink vinegar solution to make them vomit and one time hit his brother in the back with a metal bat.

He said he and his brother were home schooled by Woody, but now he goes to school and loves everything about it, he said his stepmom did most of the punishment, though his dad did some too. Jonathan Woody is also charged in this case but is expected to testify for the prosecution.

The boy said he and his brother live with their grandparents now, and he also said his hero is Batman because he has a lot of courage.

In defense questioning of the boy, they asked him about photos showing baptisms and happy events, and he admitted that sometimes woody hugged him. The defense told jurors earlier they will show Woody is innocent and that the children are telling lies.

Coming up at 10, the boy's older brother takes the stand, in front of his stepmother, and describes some of the same alleged torture, as well as new details.

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