Buckley's Family Says No One Will be Charged in His Murder

On July 26, 2012, Rocky Buckley was shot and killed in front of a home on Karla St. in Wichita Falls.

Buckley's family says they've learned the man who shot the father or four won't be indicted.

Mandi Beasley, a spokesperson for the family, gave us this statement written by Buckley's wife, "He gets to walk free after taking one life and destroying hundreds of others.  It makes no sense at all.  We are devastated and distraught.  His family and friends feel there was no justice for Rocky Buckley.  How can someone's life mean so little to our justice system?  How many murders need to happen?  How many murderers need to walk free before they decide to amend the Castle Doctrine?"

District Attorney Maureen Shelton says cases that involve serious bodily injury or death can be referred to the grand jury.

"Although an arrest may not have been made, it's referred to the grand jury to review and determine if the actions were correct or if there needs to be an indictment returned," Shelton says.

The grand jury is vested with the authority to investigate any case that occurs in Wichita County.

Detectives, authorities, and witnesses can be called in to testify.

"What may look like a good case initially may later on after talking to witnesses and looking at evidence, the person may not have done what he or she is accused of," Shelton says.

Shelton says it's up to the grand jury to judge the credibility of those witnesses.

As for the family of Rocky Buckley, they say they're devastated no one will be charged in his death, but are confident the shooter will one day receive his judgment.

"Rocky's wife and kids appreciate all the support, prayers, and kind words.  It means everything to them.  We're holding onto our faith and know that God has a greater plan, and know that one day (the shooter) will answer to the highest judge of all."

A grand jury can hear a case again if there's new evidence presented that could change their mind, as long as it's within the statute of limitations, and there's no statute of limitations for murder.

NOTE: Comments in this story made by District Attorney Maureen Shelton are NOT case specific.  Shelton spoke to the grand jury's authorities in cases similar to this one.  Shelton says she cannot speak on case specifics because no one was ever arrested or indicted in this case.

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