Buffalo Soldier Felix Lindsey Honored With Historical Marker

- The story of a Texoma man who has been a legend for decades now has an official place to be told and remembered.

Buffalo Soldier Felix Lindsey received a historical marker at Riverside Cemetery today outlining his accomplishments and contributions to Wichita Falls.

It was clear how proud this community is of Felix Lindsey and everyone I spoke to had a different reason why they felt connected to the story of him but they all agreed that his story is one that deserves to be passed down.

He's described as a family man, a businessman and an asset to his community.

Buffalo Soldier Felix Lindsey will forever be a part of Texoma history after his historical marker was revealed.

Now a permanent symbol for overcoming diversity.

“To know that this man that was honored today was a child of slavery and the things that he accomplished in his life despite of the obstacles against him were just magnificent,” says Peggy Anderson.

“Felix Lindsey represents the common man getting a marker all these other three men were wealthy and they deserved the markers but Felix Lindsey was a hard working black man and he was a fine soldier,” says Mark Greenwood.

And although he is only one member of the 10th Calvary that fought in the Indian wars his courage paved the path for African American soldiers throughout the wars to follow.

“It's not really well known and there are several Buffalo Soldiers throughout the country that are buried in cemeteries and people aren't aware of it. Remember the Buffalo Soldiers are apart of our history, our national history, they did provide a lot of input into what happened as the united states migrated towards the west,” says Lawton Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club President Vincent Noel.

74 years after Lindsey was buried the people who came out to pay tribute to his life say that generations for years to come will be able to learn from the man they never got to meet.

“It makes me feel very proud, especially as a retired army soldier and a Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club member that we promote their history and the history is getting out there so it makes us feel good,” says Noel.

After the ceremony people gathered at the Museum of North Texas History to learn more about Lindsey's life through a one day exhibit highlighting the Buffalo Soldiers.

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