Burburnett Planning to Upgrade Coin Operated Bulk Water Station

- Buying water from the City of Burkburnett's bulk water station will soon get a little more stringent. City officials are preparing to do away with their current, coin operated system and go with something more automated.

Burkburnett's city manager says they want to prevent misuse and just be better stewards of the city's water supply. However, one person we spoke with, who depends on that water, says the upcoming change has him pretty steamed.

Andy Walmer depends on Burkburnett's bulk water station to provide his home with this necessary natural resource.

"We use a little less than a tank a week which is thousand gallons.  We're conservative with it. We water the dogs, showers and cooking.  That's it," says Walmer.

But soon he won't be able to fill his 1,000 gallon tank using quarters.

"We have purchased a new bulk water station.  It will be an automated station in which the customers will need to come in and set up an account with the city of Burk and they will be issued a pin code which identifies what customer is drawing from the machine and at what volume," Walmer explains.

Burk's city manager says although a sign informs users the station is only for residential use, for now, it's based on the honor system but the new, automated system will keep those who aren't honest.
While Walmer says he's waiting to see how the new station works, he says he'll be flooded with joy if it keeps those who are abusing the current system from filling up in the future.

Burk city officials are still working on the guidelines and cost of using the water station and plan to have that station in place and operations by the end of June.

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