Burglary Targets the Needy at Noah's Ark

Stories of theft are never a good thing, but when someone steals from a charity that is trying to help people in need, it takes the crime to a new level of heartlessness.

Police say that's what happened at the Noah's Ark outreach on Harding.

"This break in is really going to set us back a little bit."

Pastor Judge Smith the founder of Noah's ark just can't seem to wrap his head around the idea, "Why break in when we are giving everything we have away," he said.

It was Tuesday afternoon when smith got the called, he was told that Noah's Ark, which provides clothing, food, and other items to the needy, got robbed.

"It was rather disturbing to see that as long as we have been at this location, trying to meet the needs of hurting people that someone would snoop low enough to break in kind of put a damper on a ministry that was already strapped," Smith said.

Now a freezer once full of meat is empty.

The pantry low of all canned food supplies.

Police say there was a total of 8 cases of canned food taken, 11 box fans, donated to Noah's Ark through KFDX's fan drive, and an A.C. window unit, which is how authorities believe the suspect broke in.

Police say that after detaching the unit the suspect, or suspects crawled through the three foot two wide hole snatching up everything else.

Smith says despite their loss they will continue their charitable efforts.

"We are determined to not let this stop us so we have already made a few small purchases in an effort to try to try to open are doors for the needed," he said.

And now more then ever we need your help to collect fans here at KFDX for our fan drive.

Bring a new or used fan in good condition and we will distribute them to agencies, like Noah's Ark, that need them most.

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