Burk ISD installs water bottle filling stations

What do you remember about your school days? It may have been one of your first experiences with a water fountain.

In an effort to eliminate plastic bottle waste, and look out for the health and well being of students and staff, Burkburnett schools are starting to switch over to water bottle filling stations!

Students at Burkburnett High School and Hardin Elementary will not be able to miss these new shiny rapid water bottle filling stations as they walk through the halls,  but one thing they will miss is having to throw away a plastic water bottle after every use.

To encourage students to drink more water, students here at Burkburnett High School have this new gadget to help them out.

Junior, Ainsley Hoodenpyle said, "It's really good because it's saving water bottles and it's filtered so it's better water for our school and for our staff."

The city water is distributed to these water fountains but is filtered before students take a drink. School principal, Vance Morris, said he wouldn't want to start the new school year any other way.

He added, "I'm excited, being my first year but also having something that's such a luxury is a nice way to start the year."

And one thing on Ainsley Hoodenpyle likes is the fact that she doesn't have to throw away her plastic water bottles.

"We don't have to worry about throwing it away or recycling it and a lot of people just throw it away and don't think about wasting plastic," Hoddenpyle said.

Morris added, "With our world today, we want to be eco-friendly and that's important for us to try to maintain that."

At John Hardin Elementary, principal Kendy Johnston said her main focus is keeping her students hydrated.

She stated, "We encourage students to fill them up and they do, they use the fountains very well, we don't have any problems with them and they stay hydrated through the day."

And it's also an environmental lesson for her kids.

"Each fountain actually keeps track of the eliminated waste from disposable plastic bottles and so there's a little digit on each fountain," Johnston.

While she said her students have reduced waste by over 17,000 bottles, since the fountains have been installed there, Morris is working on having more of these fountains installed on his campus so that students like Hoodenpyle can continue to consume more water each day.

Burkburnett ISD is not the only school district encouraging students to bring reusable water bottles to school, Holliday ISD has also installed these filling stations."

Here in town, MSU has several on its campus and the new Career Education Center is looking to add some to there as well. 

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