Burkburnett Golf Course Fences Out Wild Hogs

- The continued drought has feral hogs foraging for food and water in areas that are bringing them closer to people.

However in Wichita County, Mechell Dixon found that managers at a golf course have taken a swing at keeping the greens and fairways from being further damaged by wild hogs.

The City of Burkburnett owns River Creek Golf Course and their fight to keep feral hogs away has been going on for a decade.

Now, managers have put up a long and sturdy line they hope the wild hogs will not cross.

Golfers are drawn to the greens at River Creek Golf Course but officials say so are wild hogs.

"We've seen pigs anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds up to 250 pounds.  It just varies and they'll run in packs of 15 to 30," says Rick Hershman, an employee at River Creek Golf Course.

And those packs are destructive.

This area of the course was uprooted by hogs three weeks ago and as you can see, evidence of their destruction is still very visible.

To keep future hogs at bay course managers decided to follow the path taken at other golf courses.

"We've put a fence up on our west and north end of the golf course, which is where we've seen most of the activity," says Scott Anderson, manager of River Creek Golf Course.

"It's 18 gauge wire.  There are 4 foot by 16 foot long panels wired in pretty tightly with 8 foot posts on each side so hopefully it's going to deter the pigs from coming into the golf course.  They come in through the outside of this fence line. You can see some of the trails where the hogs have actually come up through," Hershman explains.

Now, there's an obstacle to keep hogs from coming here to root for and dine on grub worms and destroy the course.

Crews started installing the hog panel fence Saturday and finished yesterday.

In care you're wondering, course officials say no golfers have encountered any hogs because they say they only come out at night.

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